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Great products require great care.

We design every Silafu product with longevity in mind, but caring for your clothes is key to making them last longer.

Learn more and review our general care guidelines below.


Our cotton or blend items have elastane or spandex added to them to make them more comfortable to wear, but are sensitive to high temperatures when laundered.

We recommend machine washing in cold or cold water to avoid any damage or shrinkage to the elastane.

Cupro Fiber

Cupro is a naturally breathable fabric, so it doesn’t need to be washed as often.

We recommend drying it between wears to keep your clothes fresh while reducing the number of times they need to be washed.

If the garment does need laundering, we recommend using a green dry cleaner or hand washing it in cold water to reshape the garment while it’s still wet.

Do not wring out, lay flat to dry.

Regenerated Nylon

We recommend washing with regenerated nylon of a similar color at a gentle temperature of 30 degrees and ironing with a cold iron if necessary.

Do not dry clean or use harsh chemicals.

A guppy bag or similar type of laundry bag can protect the metal toggle and drawstring.

The fabric will soften with each wash and wear.


Always rinse with water after immersion in swimming pool or sea water.

Rinsing in pre-soaked water helps protect the fabric because it will be saturated with fresh water rather than chlorine or sea water.

We recommend hand washing inside and out with mild detergent.

If using a machine, use a guppy bag or similar type of laundry bag to help protect delicate fabrics.

Lay the clothes flat to dry.

Care Guidance


We recommend that you dry your Silafu products after each wear rather than washing them. This helps maintain quality, color and shape and is better for the environment.

If you have small marks or stains on your clothing, we recommend using a sponge for spot cleaning.

When it’s time to wash, always wash in cold water at 30 degrees, or as recommended on the care label.

We recommend using a guppy bag or similar laundry bag as it helps protect your clothes and prevents microplastics from entering our oceans.

Hand wash in cold water instead of a light wash. We recommend using a delicate detergent such as soaking laundry soap.


Different styles of fabrics require different care. We recommend always checking for specific storage instructions.

We recommend folding knitted items rather than hanging them as this will prevent deformation.

Dry Cleaning

If you need dry cleaning, we recommend looking for a green dry cleaner.

We do not recommend using a tumble dryer. All of our products are meant to be dried outdoors, hang dried indoors or laid flat.

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