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Believe That A Perfect Fit Is Everything

Silafu’s original goal was simple: to give women the freedom to embrace the sun, surf and everything that travel can bring.

Vision And Values

Nothing makes us happier than seeing women truly connect with themselves – allowing them to be their authentic selves. The vision of helping women achieve this connection and confidence permeates the entire business and is woven into the very essence of our purpose.

Our values are an integral part of every step we take, and we firmly believe that without them, we wouldn’t be the women we are today.

Become A Compassionate Pioneer In Women’S Fashion.
We make sure we’re nurturing, empathizing and truly putting ourselves in women’s shoes. Our clients are everything, and how they feel about themselves is why we were founded and are here to stay.

Be Bold. Commit. Get It Done.
Allow yourself to dream, make yourself a promise, and stick to it. To us, there is no better measurement of self-love than showing up for yourself, every single day.

Silafu Is All Female;
Celebrate Differences

Our Mission

Inspire customer confidence with fit and quality fabrics. We provide our customers with high-quality swimwear that can be worn from beach to brunch to evening.

We know women come in different shapes, sizes, ages and styles. Each of our styles is fit at least seven times to ensure Silafu is a product you trust and love.

We use soft fabrics that feel good to the touch. The “feel” of our clothes not only affects how they wear, but also how you feel when you wear them.

Each Silafu piece is crafted with care, unparalleled attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering the best possible product. We’re part of the slow fashion movement – we aim to make our pieces wearable year after year, with a focus on eco-friendly fabrics.

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