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July 02, 2024

What does your perfect vacation look like? Do you know the best places to travel for unique or ultra-luxurious swimming?

We know you work hard everyday so vacations should be a time for pampering and relaxation. No better place to relax, than in the water in your new sexy bikini! Here are some of the best places to travel when you seek only the best resort pools and ocean havens around the world:

The Maldive Islands
What better way to show off your designer swimsuit than in the crystal clear waters in the Maldives! When you’re not swimming or snorkeling, you can be tanning on the pristine, white sandy beaches for all to see the exquisite details of your newest designer swimsuit.

The Grace Santorini (Greece)
Infinity pools are on many best places to travel lists, and for good reason. The infinity pool at this Greek hotel is a must swim! Sip their signature “Grace cocktail” in the terrace-level pool while absorbing the unspoiled views of the Mediterranean Sea as far as your eye can see!

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
Making our list of the top places to travel for swimming, the 500-foot long infinity pool on the 57th floor of this hotel earns its coveted five-star reputation. Wade in the waters with your new sun shades and take in the breathtaking Singapore skyline – a view not for the faint of heart!

Nemo 33 (Belgium)
Scuba diving provides a glimpse into the less frequented undersea world, but is often not the best time to show off your luxury swimsuits as they can easily rip and tear on coral and rocks on the ocean floor. However, you can combine your love of diving and wearing your favorite swimsuit in the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool – a 108-foot deep, man-made, indoor pool where you can explore submerged houses and underwater caves. And, its’ warm 33 degree Celsius waters and concrete construction mean you can wear your favorite swimsuit without worry.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar (Jordan)
Not many views compare to that from the Celestial Pools at this hotel overlooking the Dead Sea. After your much deserved pool time, sneak away to their Anantara Spa, the largest spa in the middle east, for a little extra pampering.

Espanola Island, Gardner Bay (Galapagos Islands)
It’s a shame when your hair or beach cover-ups hide the elegant details on your suit. Show them off, by snorkeling in the Galapagos. Then take a lesson from the local seals, and bask in the sun to get the perfect, sunkissed tan.

No matter which of the world’s top places to travel list you go, wonderous pools, beaches, and hidden swimming gems await you!

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